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One of the most popular drugs for the correction of the periorbital zone is Juvederm Volbella. Its use gives excellent results, while rehabilitation is not accompanied by the swelling that occurs after most injection procedures. 

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What you should know about Juvederm Volbella

Juvederm Volbella  – injection gel filler based on hyaluronic acid for contour plastic procedures from the famous world holding Allergan. It is used to increase the volume of lips, fill in wrinkles around the mouth and nasolacrimal groove. Ideal for women with thin lips who want to increase their volume. It is also used to remove fine expression lines in the periorbital area. Hyaluronic acid, which is the basis of the drug, of non-animal origin, is fully compatible with skin tissues, does not cause allergic reactions and rejection.

The unique formula of Juvederm Volbella filler is based on the patented Vycross technology, which glues long and short hyaluronic acid chains to achieve long-lasting results. The combination of short and long chains increases the viscosity of the drug and affects not only the durability of the effect but also reduces the risk of puffiness.

The gel has a very soft, plastic, and homogeneous structure, due to which it is easily distributed in tissues, providing a natural effect from the correction procedure. Juvederm Volbella contains three main components: hyaluronic acid at a concentration of 15 mg/ml, phosphate buffer, which reduces tissue edema, and lidocaine, which provides a painless and comfortable filler procedure for the patient.

Thanks to the polymer chains of hyaluronic acid of various lengths, which can linger in the tissues for a long time, it is possible to achieve the maximum prolongation of the effect. Patients notice a visible result immediately after the contouring procedure, but the final result is recommended to be assessed a week after the manipulation when the natural edema that appeared due to invasiveness disappears.

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Opportunities of Volbella

  •      an increase in the volume of the lips and the formation of a clear contour;
  •     elimination of lip asymmetry;
  •     correction of the nasolacrimal groove and elimination of folds and wrinkles in the periorbital area;
  •     elimination of mimic wrinkles in the lip area;
  •     correction of bags under the eyes;
  •     lifting the corners of the lips.

Benefits of Juvederm Volbella

What are the main advantages of Juvederm Volbella over other fillers in this category? The composition receives positive reviews from professionals and patients not by chance because its improvement is noticeable even with the naked eye. Let’s define what are its main distinctive advantages? First of all, these include:

  • a significant duration of the result (in most cases it lasts up to 9 months, quite often up to one year. This is due to the high content of hyaluronic acid);
  • a pronounced effect that occurs in a matter of hours after the completion of the procedure;
  • a feeling of naturalness in the facial features after the procedure, there are no signs of unnaturalness;
  • no need for additional injections of anesthesia, since an ingredient of this action, is already included in the filler;
  • a minimum of side effects that disappear without outside intervention in a short period after the injection.

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Are Volbella’s products safe?

The basic component of the filler is hyaluronic acid with polymer chains of various lengths. This property provides a quick effect and duration of its preservation.

Lidocaine in the composition plays the role of an anesthetic. Relieves the patient from discomfort and painful sensations. With a reduced pain threshold, it is allowed to use an additional anesthetic, for example, an application.

Another equally important component of the filler is phosphate buffer, which prevents side effects. The buffer regulates the amount of fluid between cells, preventing the formation of edema. The updated formula of Juvederm Volbella simplifies filler implantation; after the introduction, the product is distributed as evenly as possible, without creating hypercorrection in individual zones. The sterile preparation contains no toxic compounds and proteins of animal origin, which prevents the occurrence of allergic reactions and unpredictable tissue responses.

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Contraindications of Volbella

The procedure is prohibited (or postponed for a certain period) under the following circumstances

  •     period;
  •     pregnancy;
  •     lactation;
  •     an aggravated form of chronic diseases;
  •     diabetes;
  •     unsatisfactory blood clotting indices;
  •     oncology;
  •     autoimmune pathology;
  •     problems of the cardiovascular system;
  •     intolerance to the components;
  •     the rehabilitation period after operations;
  •     psychosomatic diseases;
  •     tendency to form atrophic scars;
  •     predisposition to allergic reactions.

If you have no contraindications and a specialist already confirms the safety of the procedure in your case, you can buy Juvederm Volbella and enjoy the result after the procedure. You can check the Volbella price per syringe on our site.

Why choose Volbella?

Due to its plasticity, viscosity, and softness, Juvederm Volbella copes well with the correction of superficial and medium-depth wrinkles in the mouth, eyes, glabellar and temporal zones. The filler is successfully used by the doctors of our clinic to work in the area of delicate areas with thin skin, in particular, it has proven high efficiency in the correction of the nasolacrimal sulcus. It is often used for injections for male patients, as it provides the most natural effect.

The results of using the Juvederm Volbella filler are noticeable already several hours after the gel is injected into the desired area. Provides long-lasting results that last for 8 to 12 months. Filler injections make it possible to achieve an excellent rejuvenating effect in a short time, to make lips juicy, while natural and facial features are more harmonious.

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How long does a Volbella lip last?

The effect obtained with the help of the filler lasts for 9-12 months. Most of the patients who tried this remedy on themselves reported that the full effect was maintained 9 months after the procedure

Is one syringe of Volbella enough for lips?

During one procedure, one filler syringe (1 ml.) is used, which. Depending on the volume of work, the re-correction period allows one or two syringes. You can check the cost of Volbella syringe on our site.

Is Volbella a good lip filler?

The drug Juvederm Volbella is intended for the correction of the perioral area and lips. Volbella provides a completely natural look, softens the lip line, and creates a natural smile.


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