Juvederm Ultra 3 (2 x 1ml) 24mg/ml, and 3mg/ml 2-1ml prefilled syringes


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Juvederm Ultra 3 is a dermal filler from the Allergan cosmetic company, designed to combat medium and deep wrinkles, as well as correct skin relief and volumetric lip plastics. The filler is based on non-animal hyaluronic acid synthesized using 3D Matrix technology. Thanks to it, the substance becomes resistant to the effects of hyaluronidase.

Contouring Juvederm Ultra 3 is carried out evenly in the skin layers, which results in a natural rejuvenating effect. And the moisture retained in the skin cells makes the dermis more elastic. Filler Juvederm Ultra 3 has a dense bio gel composition, therefore it is injected into the middle and deeper layers of the skin. The filler contains lidocaine for pain relief.

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What you should know about Juvederm Ultra 3

Juvederm 3 is very plastic, which makes it possible to ensure maximum uniformity of its distribution after injection – even immediately after injection, it will not be possible to feel it inside the skin. The long period of its biodegradation determines the duration of the effect after Juvederm contouring – 9-12 months (depending on where it was injected and in what quantity).

Indications for the use of the filler Juvederm Ultra 3:

  • glabellar wrinkles;
  • horizontal wrinkles on the forehead;
  • insufficient volume of the zygomatic zone and cheek zone;
  • deep and moderately pronounced nasolabial folds;
  • purse-string wrinkles;
  • drooping of the corners of the mouth;
  • insufficient lip volume;
  • disproportionate lips;
  • curve and blurred outline of the red border;
  • atrophic scars.

Juvederm Ultra 3 is intended for injection into the middle and deep layers. The filler is intended for men and women over the age of 25. The drug Juvederm Ultra 3 1ml has a medium-density, suitable for injection into the middle and deep layers of the epidermis.

The drug contains the following components:

  • the concentration of hyaluronic acid 24 mg/ml;
  • concentration of lidocaine 0.3%;
  • phosphate buffer with pH 7.2.

Compared to Juvederm Ultra 2, the filler Juvederm Ultra 3 is more viscous and denser. However, the drug does not have sufficient density for a pronounced change in facial features and full restoration of volumes. The product Juvederm Ultra 3 is not injected into the periorbital zone since the skin of the eyelids has increased sensitivity and vulnerability. No medium or high-density fillers are used for this area. In some cases, correction of nasolacrimal grooves is permissible, however, this manipulation requires sufficient professionalism and experience.

To treat one target area, on average, you have to spend from 1 to 1.6 ml of the drug acido hialuronico Juvederm Ultra 3. Many cosmetologists divide the manipulation into two procedures to avoid overcorrection. The effect is observed immediately after the procedure, but the final result is assessed at 4-7 days. At this time, puffiness and redness go away, and hyaluronic manages to attract liquid molecules. 

After the procedure, there may be bruises, swelling, redness in the injection area. Symptoms disappear within 5 days if you adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Do not use decorative cosmetics for 2 days after the procedure;
  • Do not touch or massage the injection site;
  • Do not drink alcohol for 7 days;
  • Avoid active facial expressions for several days, as well as kissing;
  • Limit the use of hot drinks and meals for the day;
  • Refuse to visit the solarium, baths, swimming pool, or active sports for 2 weeks.

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Opportunities of Juvederm Ultra 3

  • Complete elimination of skin wrinkles in areas of the face with increased mimic activity;
  • Smoothing age-related linear wrinkles;
  • Tightening of soft tissues in structural folds;
  • Raising the corners of the mouth;
  • Giving the lips a harmonious volume and shape;
  • Emphasizing the expressiveness of the lip contour;
  • Leveling of pits and potholes that have arisen against the background of injuries or diseases (for example, acne).

Benefits of Juvederm Ultra 3

Filler Juvederm Ultra 3 restores the oval, improves tone, and smoothes wrinkles. It retains moisture in the epidermis, thereby providing long-lasting hydration. Thanks to this, a rejuvenating effect is achieved.

  • Easy and fast process of drug administration.
  • No need for anesthesia.
  • Excellent results after the first session.
  • Achieving the optimal level of skin hydration (this is due to the presence of hyaluronic acid in the composition).
  • Slowing down age-related changes.
  • Lack of recovery time.

Clinical studies show that the duration of action of this filler persists for a long time in most patients – up to one year. But it should be remembered that it depends on factors such as individual characteristics of the body, skin type, and area of ​​injection.

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Are Juvederm Ultra 3‘s products safe?

Acid Hyaluronic Juvederm Ultra 3 is a basic component, obtained in the laboratory by means of bacterial cultivation. The product does not cause allergic reactions in patients, since it does not contain animal proteins. 

The dermal filler also contains a phosphate buffer that facilitates the subcutaneous distribution of the filler. Phosphate buffer reduces the likelihood of puffiness and other side effects.

Preparation is sterile, homogeneous, medium density, plastic, and does not contain the waste products of microorganisms, single-phase.

Contraindications of Juvederm Ultra 3 

  • diseases of the immune system;
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding time;
  • tendency to allergies;
  • with personal intolerance to the filler ingredients;
  • inflammation in the area of ​​the planned injection;
  • tendency to scarring;
  • the zones where the drug will be injected are already filled with gels that do not dissolve;
  • a month before the procedure, a chemical peeling of the skin was carried out;
  • the presence of infectious diseases.

Why choose Juvederm Ultra 3?

Effectively removes longitudinal forehead wrinkles. Juvederm Ultra 3 has proven itself in the correction of defects in the area of ​​the nasolabial folds, on the cheekbones. Gives excellent results in lip augmentation and correction of their shape.

Juvederm Ultra 3 by Allergan combines non-animal hyaluronic acid into multi-molecular complexes using the unique patented 3D-Matrix technology( the molecules are tightly “stitched” with each other in cross-links, thanks to which the filler is evenly distributed in the subcutaneous layer of the treated area, which provides  plastic and the most natural result of correction). Compared to conventional hyaluronic acid, they are more resistant to degradation under the influence of temperature and natural metabolic processes. Therefore, the effect after injections of filler Ultra 3 lasts for a year.

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What is Juvederm 3 used for?

Injections are made into the upper and middle layers of the epidermis to eliminate the folds of the forehead, to correct the contour of the lips and zygomatic region.

How long does Juvederm 3 last?

Usually, the effect lasts up to six months in the area of the lips, up to a year around the mouth (including in the nasolabial folds), and the same amount on the cheeks. However, experts note that if the lips are very mobile, the result can last only 3-4 months.

Where can I use Juvederm Ultra 3?

The drug is injected into the forehead, cheekbones, nasolabial triangle, lips, the contour of the lower jaw. The use of the filler presupposes that the beautician has a sufficiently professional level and the provision of appropriate sanitary and hygienic working conditions in clinics and beauty salons.


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