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The problem of thin lips is relevant for many women. Nowadays, thanks to the big breakthrough in the cosmetic industry, it is possible to change your shortcomings. Juvederm Ultra Smile is a unique injectable preparation aimed at correcting the shape and volume of the lips, while the result is as natural as possible.

The filler has two main directions of action – changing the contour and volume of the lips and eliminating fine wrinkles around the mouth, so the gel is suitable for clients of different age groups. Younger patients, up to 35 years old, are more likely to enlarge their lips, older patients – they correct the contour and wrinkles. Using Juvederm Ultra Smile gives excellent results when adding volume to the lips and significantly increasing them, raising and correcting the drooping corners of the mouth, correction of the relief and shape of the lips, restoration of symmetry, creation of clear, pronounced contours of the lips, saturating lips with moisture and smoothing the surface, elimination of vertical wrinkles around the mouth.

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What you should know about Juvederm Ultra Smile

Juvederm Ultra Smile is an injectable implant developed by Allergan for leveling the signs of premature aging and correcting various deficiencies, including fighting signs of aging in the perioral area and for lip augmentation. The filler will help get rid of wrinkles in the nasolabial area, fill in folds and remove wrinkles.

Juvederm Ultra Smile, like the rest of the brand’s fillers, consists of stabilized hyaluronic acid obtained in the laboratory by biosynthesis by bacterial cells. The resulting substance is completely identical to endogenous human hyaluronic acid, so the body reacts to its introduction normally. When using Juvéderm Smile, the risks of allergic and immune reactions are reduced to zero.

Hyaluronic acid, penetrating into tissues, quickly fills the interfiber voids and attracts moisture, creating a natural volume. Hyaluronate injections promote high-quality synthesis of collagen and elastin, which adds a delayed “healing” effect to the procedure.

Juvederm Ultra Smile 0.55 ml also contains a solution of potassium and sodium hydroxide and dihydrogen phosphates (phosphate buffer), which prevents the formation of edema, bruising and bruising during the procedure.

Local anesthetic (lidocaine hydrochloride) is present in the preparation in sufficient concentration – 0.3%. This makes the contouring procedure as comfortable as possible. At the request of the patient, additional anesthesia is provided – application or conduction, which helps to reduce the discomfort from the injection itself.

Juvederm 0.55 ml is equally relevant for young and mature patients. In the first case, the filler plays the role of an injection implant that allows you to adjust the shape and size of the lips; in the second – a point correcting agent to fill in folds, wrinkles and other signs of skin aging.

Opportunities of Juvederm Ultra Smile

  • Smoothing of nasolabial folds and “puppet wrinkles”;
  • Raising the corners of the mouth;
  • Elimination of a network of vertical wrinkles above the upper lip;
  • Correction of imbalances and asymmetries of the lips;
  • Deepening the arc (arch) of Cupid;
  • Increasing the expressiveness of the contour of the red border;
  • Formation of clear and correct columns of the filter room;
  • Increased lip volume;
  • Correction of the shape of the mouth;
  • Smooth, even and velvety lip skin texture;
  • Intense, catchy, attractive lip color.

Benefits of Juvederm Ultra Smile

  • painlessness of the procedure: the inclusion of a productive anesthetic in the formula provides the client with peace of mind during the session and promotes better distribution of hyaluronic acid due to muscle relaxation;
  • long-term effect: the gel is characterized by persistence, maintains the formed volume and contour of the lips for at least 8 months, the result can last up to 12 months;
  • biocompatibility: when creating Juvederm Ultra Smile 1 ml, highly purified hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin is used, therefore the gel is hypoallergenic, does not reject;
  • quick achievement of the maximum result: changes are noticeable already in 1-2 days after the introduction of the implant, the maximum effect is manifested in 2-4 weeks;
  • uniformity of filling: the elastic, soft texture of Juvederm Smile 1 ml ensures easy distribution of the gel throughout the entire correction area. The implant does not spread, and retains its shape for a long time.

Are Juvederm Ultra Smile‘s products safe?

The main ingredients in the Juvederm Ultra Smile formula are hyaluronic acid and the anesthetic lidocaine. Since the acid is of non-animal origin, this means that allergic reactions are practically excluded, since this substance is naturally present in the human body. And lidocaine is responsible for the painlessness of the procedure. 

Despite the fact that contour plastic is not a difficult surgical intervention, like any injection procedure, it has a list of contraindications and possible side effects. The individual response of the patient’s body is unpredictable in each individual case. Before use, the specialist should familiarize the patient with a list of precautions when using the drug.

It is forbidden to inject the gel into the skin of the eyelids, into the vessels, muscles. Not applicable for volumetric face correction. With a doping test, it can give a positive result, which is important for athletes to know. It is impossible to use the drug while taking certain drugs.

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Contraindications of Juvederm Ultra Smile 

  • intravascular injection;
  • hypertrophied scars;
  • history of streptococcal disease;
  • in combination with laser therapy, intense pulsed light, chemical peels or dermabrasion;
  • the presence of a permanent implant in the areas of the proposed correction;
  • acute inflammatory rashes (acne, herpes) or active manifestations of chronic dermatoses in the area of ​​intended injections;
  • a history of certain autoimmune diseases or immunosuppressive therapy;
  • multiple allergies;
  • coagulation disorders or anticoagulant therapy;
  • sensitivity to hyaluronic acid;
  • sensitivity to lidocaine hydrochloride;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • age less than 18 years.

Why choose the Juvederm Ultra Smile?

The target area for correction with Juvederm Ultra Smile is the lips. The drug allows you to give them volume, eliminate asymmetric features, smooth the skin and produce deep hydration. Sometimes cosmetologists use the Juvederm Smile to replenish the subcutaneous space in the cheekbones, chin and cheeks.

The active ingredient of Juvederm Smile 0.55 ml is sodium hyaluronate with a concentration of 24 mg/ml. The monophasic plastic gel is easily introduced into sensitive skin in the lip area and, due to the accumulation of water in the cells and the gel buffer, creates volume and has a moisturizing effect. If the result of the contouring is not satisfactory, you can make additional corrections or return to the original state with an injection of the enzyme hyaluronidase. Phosphate buffer in the filler reduces edema after injections and prolongs the effect of hyaluronate.

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How long does Juvederm Ultra smile last?

When using a filler for lip correction, a lot depends on the density of the composition. The result lasts up to 9 months. The use of Juvederm Ultra Smile for smoothing wrinkles or in the area of the nasolabial triangle will keep the result for up to a year.

Is Juvederm Ultra Smile FDA approved?

The high degree of purification of hyaluronic acid has allowed Juviderm Ultra Smile approved by FDA, which is the best proof of the highest quality of this drug.

Which Juvederm filler is best for lips?

Juvederm ultra smile is considered one of the most sought after lip sculpting products. Filler Juvederm Ultra Smile belongs to niche preparations, it is specially designed for soft increase in volume and correction of the shape of the lips.


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