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Juvederm Ultra 2 is a hyaluronic acid filler from the Canadian company Allergan. It is the lightest and most flexible filler in the Juvederm line. The main advantage of the gel is that it is as close as possible to a natural, natural result.

What you should know about Juvederm Ultra 2

Filler Juvederm Ultra 2 contains intermolecular hyaluronic acid of non-animal (synthetic) origin, obtained in sterile laboratory conditions by biosynthesis by non-pathogenic bacterial cells. For this, streptococcal strains cultivated in a wheat substrate are used. After extracting hyaluronic acid from bacterial cells, it is subjected to thorough cleaning, precipitation, and drying. The entire process of manufacturing the substance is carried out under constant rheological control. The obtained hyaluronic acid is completely identical to the natural glycosaminoglycan found in the human body.

Hyaluronic acid can attract moisture molecules to itself in places of its deficiency (up to 500 water molecules are attracted to one glycosaminoglycan molecule). Thus, it fills the necessary areas of the face with volume, and also fills the interfiber voids in the skin, which are responsible for the formation of creases, wrinkles, and furrows. The molecules of the injected hyaluronic acid undergo gradual biodegradation and are replaced by liquid molecules, which contributes to the preservation of the primary effect of the procedure even after the filler breaks down.

In addition to hyaluronic acid, lidocaine is included in the composition of Juvederm Ultra 2 in a proportion of 0.3%, which is sufficient for high-quality pain relief.

Juvederm Ultra 2 has the lowest density and viscosity among its “brothers”, therefore it is used primarily for correcting surface defects of the skin. In some cases, it is used to strengthen the lip contour. Juvederm Ultra 2 for lips possible to buy  on our site.

Opportunities of Juvederm Ultra 2

  • elimination of small and medium wrinkles;
  • correction of shallow facial wrinkles and folds by injection into the middle layers of the skin;
  • a slight change in the volume and shape of the lips.

Most often, Juvederm Ultra 2 gel is used to correct skin laxity in the forehead and around the eyes, less often around the mouth and nose.

Benefits of Juvederm Ultra 2

  • a high degree of stability. Stabilized hyaluronic acid is distinguished by good plasticity, therefore it begins to disintegrate only after 3-6 months, continuing to remain partially in the correction zones.
  • improved composition. The corrector formula includes only those components that are natural fillers of dermal tissues. HA is 100% biocompatible and pyrogen-free – it does not cause complex side reactions and an increase in body temperature.
  • comfort for the client. Juvederm Ultra 2, unlike most analog fillers, contains an anesthetic, which is a significant advantage when choosing. Lidocaine relieves pain, reduces the patient’s fear of injections.
  • the Precision of the introduction. The lightweight filler can be injected using fine 30G needles that are ideal for insertion into the upper dermis. Injection, as a rule, is not accompanied by bruising and bruising.
  • instant impact. Already 2-3 hours after the completion of the procedure, it is possible to assess the positive changes in problem areas. The most pronounced effect occurs within 2-4 weeks, which is an excellent result.

The drug is considered highly effective, providing a pronounced, prolonged result. The greatest effectiveness of Juvederm Ultra 2 is observed in young patients (25 – 30 years old), as well as in conditions of very thin skin or fine wrinkled type of aging. The effect of the procedure performed with the Juvederm Ultra 2 preparation is noticeable immediately after the manipulation.

Are Juvederm Ultra 2‘s products safe?

Juvederm Ultra 2 is compatible with body systems. Thanks to this property, the risk of rejection is minimized. To minimize the risk of complications, the patient must be informed about the post-procedural rules: for 2 weeks, you should avoid long walks in the sun, postpone trips to the bathhouse, solarium, gym, or swimming pool. Make-up for the face can be used only after 2-3 days after injection.

During the introduction of Juvederm Ultra 2, the classic post-procedural reactions may appear on the skin: redness, moderate swelling, and papules, which disappear without any therapy within 5 days. The drug is not intended to be injected into the skin of the eyelids. In addition, the doctor should avoid the vessels, since the introduction of the drug into the lumen of the vessel will lead to its blockage, which will entail tissue necrosis at the puncture site.

Contraindications of Juvederm Ultra 2

  • autoimmune processes in the body;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • increased tendency to allergies;
  • intolerance to hyaluronic acid;
  • inflammatory elements at the injection sites;
  • a tendency to hypertrophic scarring;
  • the presence of gels at the injection sites that do not dissolve;
  • a recent chemical peel or laser skin resurfacing.

Why choose Juvederm Ultra 2?

The hyaluronic acid contained in the preparation is of non-animal origin, synthesized using 3D Matrix technology, and has a medium viscosity. Due to the formation of cross-links that “stitch” the molecules together, the drug has increased resistance to the effects of hyaluronidase – a skin enzyme that eventually destroys hyaluronic acid. Thanks to this, it remains in the injection sites much longer, thereby prolonging the effect of the procedure.

The non-animal origin of hyaluronic acid, which forms the basis of the filler, ensures perfect compatibility with human tissues and eliminates the risk of rejection. Juvederm Ultra 2 is eliminated within 4 – 10 months, depending on the area of ​​application (the drug remains on the lips for the least amount of time, due to active blood circulation in this area). Juvederm Ultra 2 contains lidocaine, making the injection procedure virtually painless. The solution is sterile and pyrogen-free.

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How much does it cost to buy Juvederm?

The Juvederm Ultra 2 price is $500 to $600 on average or on the other hand more for each injection. Contingent upon your objectives, you might require various injections in a single meeting. A few suppliers propose two injections in a single treatment.

Can I give myself Juvederm injections?

Filler Juvederm Ultra 2 is a professional injection-type cosmetic product. Only professional cosmetologists are allowed to use it, independent use is prohibited.

Is it safe to buy dermal fillers online?

There are tremendous choices where you can buy facial fillers online. Our shop works only with proven suppliers and can guarantee that you will not be disappointed by buying dermal fillers from our site.


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