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Profhilo H+L

Profhilo is the first product to incorporate stabilized hyaluronic acid hybrid complexes created utilizing the patented NANYCO heat treatment technique developed by the pharmaceutical company IBSA. Profilo has 8 times more hyaluronic acid than a conventional bio revitalizer in a single syringe.

The newest method of skin bio remodeling with the help of the Profhilo preparation turns the ideas about the use of a hyaluronic acid upside down: there will be no pain, bruises, and swelling.

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What you should know about Profhilo

Profhilo – a preparation developed for bio remodeling of the skin. This is the finest hyaluronic acid concentrate available. It thickens and rejuvenates the dermis, the subcutaneous fat layer, and the anchoring zones that support the oval of the face. The rejuvenation effect grows and becomes most noticeable at the end of the second week. Profhilo restores the skin at different levels and at the same time removes its flabbiness, atony – that is, it allows you to achieve a double effect.

Profhilo injections work well with other cosmetology techniques: 

  • contour plastics – for more precise and skilled volume correction; 
  • laser techniques – to prepare, restore, and accelerate skin healing, as well as reduce inflammation in tissues following aggressive influences; 
  • thread lifting – to maintain and enhance the results achieved. 

Within a few days of the operation, the first results are visible. In the third month, the largest effect is seen. The medicine has a long-lasting effect, with the final result lasting up to a year.

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Opportunities of Profhilo

  • Provides pronounced and long-lasting hydration.
  • Improves tissue tropism
  • Gives a noticeable face contour lifting effect.
  • Reduces wrinkles and laxity of the cheeks, neck, and periorbital area.
  • Significantly improves the condition of the hands.
  • Evens out the complexion.
  • Reduces dark circles under the eyes.

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Benefits of Profhilo

  • Stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, keratinocytes, and fat cells, which ensure the restoration of their subcutaneous fat.
  • In 1 syringe Profhilo has 8 times more hyaluronic acid than in a conventional bio revitalizer. Therefore, 4 usual bio revitalizer procedures require 1-2 procedures using the Profhilo preparation.
  • Low molecular weight acid hydrates the skin and has a strengthening effect. 
  • High molecular weight promotes local blood circulation, stimulates collagen formation, and lifts the skin.
  • Provides a lifting effect and strengthens the skin’s supporting frame.
  • Prolonged action. The acids included in the composition have a long-term effect on the skin than other bio revitalizers;
  • Effective result. 1 ml of the drug contains 32 mg of the active substance, which allows you to achieve the desired effect with fewer effects.
  • High biological compatibility. Thorough cleaning and no additives guarantee virtually zero risk of side effects.
  • Absence of numerous papules. The drug is injected into 10 points on the face (5 on each side) or neck.
  • There is no need for anesthesia. The rehabilitative time is frequently skipped.

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Are Profhilo’s products safe?

Profhilo solely contains concentrated hyaluronic acid. There are no additives or contaminants in this product. The medicine is hypoallergenic since auxiliary filler components, in most cases, produce an allergic reaction.

The drug has high spreading characteristics and low viscosity, therefore it is well distributed after injection. Filler perfectly integrates into tissues without causing inflammation and other undesirable reactions.

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Contraindications of Profhilo

  • Inflammation at the site of the injection;
  • blood diseases;
  • oncological diseases;
  • inflammatory processes in the body;
  • hepatitis, 
  • after peeling and laser correction, 
  • during pregnancy and lactation, 
  • and with a variety of systemic disorders

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Why choose Profhilo?

Profhilo has received many awards in Europe and the USA as the most effective aesthetic medicine of the latest generation.

A unique feature of the drug is its ability to penetrate even the most difficult areas where even drugs with a minimum molecular weight could not reach earlier.

Profhilo’s skin behavior shows a distinct biophysical profile, including a preference for fluidity over elasticity, which is not found in other stabilized gels.

It is known for its ability to spread evenly over the anatomical unit after injection and, thus, is homogeneously distributed in fatty cavities in difficult areas, where even low viscosity fillers can create an uneven contour.

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Can Profhilo be combined with other hyaluronic preparations?

The preparation has excellent potential for combined use with traditional fillers containing stabilized hyaluronic acid for more precise and sophisticated volume correction.

Is a single injection enough or is a whole course needed?

The basic course consists of simply two procedures separated by one month. Additional correction (if necessary) is possible in 2-3 months.

How painful is the injection of the Profhilo drug?

The drug is injected slowly in order to avoid a sharp stretching of the tissues and, as a result, painful sensations. For its even distribution, 24–48 hours are enough. Each point injection of a small dose of Profhilo restores and remodels the epidermis 4 cm in diameter for a long period due to deep saturation with hyaluronic acid.


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