Active Face Gel Cleanser


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Gently and deeply removes dirt, dust and excess sebum from the skin surface.

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The ACTIVE FACE GEL CLEANSER gently and deeply removes all impurities, dust, pollution, and excess of sebum from the skin surface. Designed for the specific men’s skin needs, this gel-textured cleanser is blended of active natural extract. It prevents from dehydration and premature aging while accelerating the healing process of the skin and reducing all inflammations or irritation, which can be induced by daily external aggressors, as well as shaving.

  • Gently and deeply removes dirt, dust and excess sebum from the skin surface.
  • 100ml.
  • Morning and evening apply on moistened skin of face and neck. Lightly massage a full minute to stimulate micro-circulation. Thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water. Tone and pat dry.

Cellular Active IRISA®: Restores the characteristics of a young skin by stimulating cell metabolism, boosting cell regeneration, increasing tissue-oxygenation, and balancing the skin pH, which protects the skin against potentially harmful external environmental factors.

Wheat Microproteins: Microproteins consist mainly of oligopeptides and provide pleasant and soothing care. They come with an anti-inflammatory effect and help protecting keratinocytes against toxic effects of UVB radiation. Tissue damages, due to active oxygen compounds, are reduced.

Masterwort Leaf Extract: ”Queen of the plants”; stimulates cellular regeneration, heals the skin, and restores cell function.

Punarnava Root Extract: Ayurvedic plant that shows highly antioxidant, anti- irritant, and strong skin-soothing activity. It offers sensitive skin a welcome respite, erythema is reduced, and razor burns is soothed. Prepares the skin for shaving.

Please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive for the most up to date list of ingredients.

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